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Are you afraid of the cloud? According to MYOB’s Simon Raik-Allen, cloud users are revenue leaders. [HUMP DUMP]


WHAT IS A HUMP DAY? According to Anthill’s founder and editor-at-large, it’s the logical name for a Wednesday (also known as ‘hump day’) brain dump. Once a week (or when he can be bothered), James Tuckerman records (often poorly) an unusual insight gathered from the many interesting people he meets during his travels. It’s a Hump Dump!

We’ve been watching MYOB’s movements of late.

Firstly, they keep sending their marketing peeps to my masterclasses. (Yes, it’s flattering. And, when dealing with this ego, flattery will get you… everywhere!)

Secondly, the 21 year-old software pioneer recently launched AccountRight Live (just last week, in fact), a cloud accounting solution that brings the benefits of cloud computing to its popular desktop products. (You can watch the launch video here or below.)

Thirdly, MYOB’s PR engine keeps churning out studies that shine a spotlight on the often surprisingly backward views of Australian business builders. And who doesn’t love a captivating statistic! (It seems our editors and writers certainly do. We’ve covered MYOB’s stuff three times in the past three weeks. Here, here and, now, here. Next month, we’ll be making our logo purple… or not.)

Speaking of captivating statistics, did you know that one if four Australian SMEs are afraid of cloud computing? Furthermore, according to the same MYOB report, SMEs that embrace cloud computing were 53% more likely to see their revenue rise in the last financial year and were 55% more likely to have more sales/work than usual in their three-month pipeline.

For these reasons, I cornered MYOB’s Chief Technology Officer, Simon Raik-Allen, at the auspicious offices of Adventure Capital and asked, “What’s all this hoo-ha about cloud fears? What do you define as ‘the cloud’? And are your people stalking our people?” Here’s what he said.

Simon Raik-Allen, Chief Technology Officer, MYOB, on the cloud.

AccountRight Live Launch Video