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An exceptional video for a non-tech Indiegogo campaign [VIDEO]


This video is designed to do a several things, the most important of which is to raise funds for this venture.

It does this by making you laugh, initially. Then, it gets into the serious bit about what PodShare is all about.

And, it’s a non-tech startup.

It’s a real, world, social community for travellers.

Entrepreneur, Elvina Beck thought about what travellers really need. Then she had her dad and some others who got her vision, built it.

Call it communal living, as opposed to communal work spaces. She has built a 10 sleeping pods in a communal space in L.A.

People stay one night or, as long as they need. It potentially a new world of backpacking, as we know it.

But, her landlord won’t renew the lease. So, she has to tear down the pods and rebuild it else where.

TripAdvisor loves PodShare and, so do the many people who’ve stayed there.

The best thing about this whole thing, it’s the attitude of Beck and how that is carried through into her business.

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. Warning, it does contain salty languages and themes!

Did her pitch work? Find out.

Save PodShare and end world loneliness