One man's passion for soft drink creates blue ocean strategy

One man's passion for soft drink creates blue ocean strategy


We’ve always held the view that entrepreneurs are driven by their passion to create rather than their passion to create wealth, as many might think. Here’s an example of a small business driven by its owner’s love for soft drinks.

What’s remarkable about John Nese, owner and founder of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, is that he has unintentionally created his own blue ocean strategy, selling something as simple as ‘sugar water’. (Thanks to the Startup Melbourne blog for bringing this clip to our attention, created by foodie website Chow.)

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  • Jamie Ross

    What a great video. Something about how happy and involved this guy is with his business really got me – loved the whole thing. What’s the bet he works there every single day and loves every customer?! Thanks.

  • the wordmistress

    Wow, so interesting. His passion is obvious and infectious! I love how he has so much trivia to offer up and he really knows his brands, their origins, their histories, etc. If only more business owners were as connected to their products and customers!