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Did you hear the one about the tortoise and the guinea pig? [VIDEO]


No, not the tortoise and the hare. That’s all about being slow and steady to win the race.

This one is about the tortoise and the guinea pig.

I like to think this tale is more aligned with digital disruptions. You know, when sudden big changes happen to businesses and industries that they don’t quite see coming.

And, then bam! There’s that crazy tortoise. I mean, disruption.

Then, everyone says to the business being disrupted, ‘Well, of course the tortoise was coming. We saw it coming. Why didn’t you?”

It’s a might fine question.

Most startups are doing just thing, running as fast as they can towards the point where they disrupt an existing business or industry.

But, all along, like in the video, it was kind of obvious the the tortoise of disruption was heading its way.

Every entrepreneur needs to embrace their inner tortoise of disruption. Get out there. Make a difference!

Attack tortoise!


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