In the latest bout of the cola wars, Coke beats Pepsi [VIDEO] - Anthill Online

In the latest bout of the cola wars, Coke beats Pepsi [VIDEO]

November 19, 2012
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I’ve lost count of the number of Coca Cola ads that have been Anthill TV worthy in 2012. Suffice to say, there’s been a few.

And, here’s another.

This one is purely CGI. It takes queues from Braveheart and just about every other action movie you’ve ever seen.

It’s violent, but I guess, that’s what it’s like in the ‘war on flavour’ and when Pepsi is your arch enemy.

The Coca Cola and the creatives that work that account are not running out of ideas. Unlike others advertising creatives that we mentioned last week.

The question is, will Pepsi counter with an ad of its own?

Coke versus Pepsi

How to build your own media empire… on a budget [CHEAT SHEET]

Who says you need deep pockets to build a media empire? FoundrMag editor Nathan Chan shows you how to do it on a budget. Read more


I really like video but still I’ll go for Pepsi. It’s my personal choice. . I got obsessed with their Pepsi Special losing weight drink. Have you heard about those guys? The company claims that this brand new fat-blocking Pepsi drink contains dextrin, a non-digestible starch present in some baked solutions that will supposedly raise the consumer's metabolism and really burn fat. Article source: Alleged fat-blocking Pepsi Special

Jen Storey
Jen Storey

Hi Alvise, Thanks for the clarification. I'm genuinely surprised that it's not an official Cola Wars ad - it should be! Great concept, amazing animation. Full kudos for such a stellar video. Jen.

alvise avati
alvise avati

Hello, just to clarify. This is a spoof coca cola commercial and i've made it on my very spare. I wanted to create something different from the usual commercials we see on tv in these days. Neither Coca Cola nor Pepsi are involved in this my personal work. Thanks for having posted it here, really appreciate. Best regards Alvise Avati