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Get lost? There’s a crowd-sourced GPS service to help with that


All ye Australian mobile users, we bring good news for you from the leading provider of mobile map-based solutions, skobbler.

GPS Navigation 2, the Berlin-based company’s internationally acclaimed mobile navigation app is now available to users in Australia, for just $1.99 AUD. This makes it the most affordable mobile navigation app in the country. GPS Navigation 2 is a sensational global success, boasting of more than 3 million users worldwide and the #1 position in 20 countries.

skobbler‘s GPS Navigation 2 is powered entirely by data from the crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap. This is a free, editable and interactive map of the world built by an ever-growing number of already more than 850,000 voluntary contributors. It is one of the premier navigation products currently available on iPhone and 3G iPads, offering turn-by-turn navigation and live voice guidance. All this is without a monthly subscription fee.

What impressive features does skobbler’s GPS Navigation 2 have?

  • Low Price with unlimited Mapping Potential: Users can download the fully functional online GPS Navigation 2 for a one-time payment of just $1.99 AUD. This comes with the option to upgrade and install the offline map upgrades as they choose, all with no subscription required.
  • “Hybrid” Functionality: GPS Navigation 2 is the first mobile navigation app to offer “hybrid” functionality. What this means is that users are able to choose which geographic areas can be available for offline use through installable map upgrades and which should be accessed online. This allows users to always strike the perfect balance between the independence of internet connectivity and saving on-device memory for other apps, photos, or music. Optional offline navigation also allows for fast and reliable results using only the device’s GPS rather than a network connection. This means the user is able to enjoy a flexible mapping service without the constraints of cellular carriers and excessive data fees. The offline Australian map is available for just $5.49 AUD.
  • Navigate with Ease: Constantly updated location data, routing logic and audio output choices, such as Bluetooth, make GPS Navigation 2 one of the easiest mobile navigation apps to use today. Local search, map view, ‘take me home’ button, contact list navigation and stationary speed cam warnings in various countries are also included to make GPS Navigation 2 the ideal travel resource throughout the world.
  • Perfect for iOS 6, International Success: GPS Navigation 2 is optimized for the iPhone 5 and supported by iOS 6. GPS Navigation 2 is one of the most successful navigation apps in App Stores from around the globe with more than 3 million users worldwide and #1 positions in 20 countries.

Both efficient and budget-friendly, whether you’re trying to find directions to the nearest coffee shop or are headed on a family vacation, GPS Navigation 2 is the ideal travel and navigation tool for iPhone owners.

“With more than 3 million users worldwide, we’re thrilled to bring the success of GPS Navigation 2 to Australia,” says Marcus Thielking, Co-Founder of skobbler.

“Apple’s CEO recently encouraged iPhone customers to try different navigation services and we think that GPS Navigation 2, which has consistently been the most successful navigation app in the UK and Germany for many years, is one of the best options out there,” Mr Thielking added.

Don’t wait until you are lost in the middle of nowhere. You can download GPS Navigation 2 by visiting the iTunes™ App Store at http://bit.ly/VVPg0C.