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How to master the media jungle, plus bonus tutorial [ACADEMY]


Do you need media exposure?

Want to know how to reach and connect with media influences? What would happen if the media turned against you?

Learn from three masters at managing mainstream media in this one hour course and additional 40 minute tutorial on the DOs and DON’Ts of media management.




JASON AKERMANIS, Serial entrepreneur
Managing mixed media

You might know of Jason Akermanis as a legend of AFL, an off-field personality and controverial commentator. But did you know that Jason is responsible for numerous commercial ventures, bringing his football flair and trademark tenacity to the fierce game of entrepreneurship.

JESS TYLER, Communications mastermind
Mastering your message

Jess Tyler walks where few fear to tread, providing communications expertise to members of the scientific community. And you thought your business was hard to communicate! Learn the fundamentals of media communication. What do you need to have in place before bothering the big brass?

JEN STOREY, Anthill Editor
Media from the inside

Jen Storey is Anthill’s editor and the co-creator of Owned Media, a service to help budding business builders take control of their online media aspirations. Learn the three things that media decision makers look for when receiving a media release, angle or pitch. Stop wasting time and start opening doors.

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