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This start-up has created a free online tool for charities, I call that entrepreneurial philanthropy!


Charity is undoubtedly one of the most admirable virtues of humanity. Despite all our many flaws as human beings, our ability to be charitable to one another is something we can truly be proud of.

Now there is an online start-up that has taken it upon itself to take charity to the next level by creating online tools to aid charities in connecting with supporters and promoting their campaigns via social media. And in the true spirit of charity, these tools are free!

PromiseLocker is a website where anyone can record their own promises and promises made by others and has launched PledgeWidget, a free tool that charities can easily integrate with their websites to run online pledges.

“Despite only launching a few months ago, and with lots of work to do to get our business off the ground, we still thought it was important do some good for the community,” said Chris Noone, Co-Founder of PromiseLocker.

“We looked at the technology we had created and decided we could pretty easily create a tool to enable charities to run effective online pledges,” Noone added.

You will notice that when most charities are running their online campaigns, all they do is simply record the names of people supporting the cause or fundraising target.

They do not bother leveraging social media to spread the campaign message or re-engaging people with the pledge over time. People make a pledge and that is the end of the story.

How does PledgeWidget work?

When you make a pledge using PledgeWidget, your photo is immediately added to a page of people who have made the pledge. The pledge is automatically shared via Facebook and can also be shared via Twitter and email.

You are also regularly prompted to update your pledge progress and this provides further opportunities for the campaign message to be shared via the various social media.

The charity can tweak the wording of the pledge to their satisfaction. Moreover, PledgeWidget can be easily integrated into the charity’s website and yet no programming skills are required.

Furthermore, the actual pledge and photos of people who have taken the pledge appear on the charity’s website so it adds a strong sense of community and participation. In fact, see for yourself how PledgeWidget works and how it can be used by any charity.

“We have made PledgeWidget available for free for charities and we will also provide free support to assist with integration into a website,” Mr Noone concluded. Way to go!