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Is this the one wearable tech item that’s going to replace all the others? [VIDEO]


It sounds a bit like an infomercial for one of those slices – it cuts, it dices, it slices…

It’s call The Dash. Nifty name and, it comes with a simple explanation – the world’s first wireless, smart headphones.

Wireless is nothing new but smart headphones? Now we’re in new territory.

These bluetooth headsets are an in-ear headphone, an MP3 player, a microphone (ok, so far it’s an iPod). It is also a heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker and a sports watch. Oh, and it can also be a USB stick.

The headphones can store 1,000 songs and, they have secure in-ear fit. You can track your run, monitor your heart rate all while listening Daft Punk.

No more iPod and wired ear buds to get tangled up in. No more FitBit to monitor your progress – it’s all here, in your ear.

Like many wearable tech items before it, The Dash is being funded on Kickstarter. It’s already more than $120,000 oversubscribed and there’s still 37 days of funding to go. It’s due for shipping later this year.

Better yet, the inventor was told it couldn’t be done. So, he sold his company, got some smart people together and, well, watch the Kickstarter video and see just what he’s done to do the impossible!

The Dash – wireless, smart, in ear headphones