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Your chance to tell the NSW Government what you really think.


You may have heard of the name Jack Delosa. The young entrepreneur was among Anthill’s 30under30 in 2009. He has also helped Anthill put together some pretty groovy events for young entrepreneurs in NSW.

His latest venture, The Entourage, is a networking, events and education company, responsible for the Young Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention, held in September.

Today, I received an email notifying me that Delosa has become the youngest ever person to be elected onto the Board of the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), a Parliamentary elected body, put together to advise the NSW Minister for Small Business.

The email from Delosa, to share his good news, poses the question:

“What would you like to see done differently in NSW for business owners?”

This question was presented with an offer to voice my views and suggestions at the next SBDC board meeting on Thursday 21 October.

Now, as many Anthill readers probably know, I’m not based in NSW. So, I don’t feel qualified to answer.

But I do know that close to 40% of Anthill readers do live in NSW. As such, I’m turning the question to you. If you have a suggestion for the SBDC, this is your chance to tell the PTBs (powers-that-be) what you think as a comment below.