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So you think you cannot get drunk online? Think again…


A Melbourne-based start up has launched Drinks Cube, a fresh new concept in online retailing aimed at inspiring cultural diversity and harmony through beverages.

Drinks Cube co-founder Jessie Teh-Chong said while cultural diversity was usually promoted through food or national costumes, drinks were always overlooked as a likely ambassador.

The online retail store at www.drinkscube.com.au offers Australians the chance to buy from an ever-growing range of more than 100 classic and exotic drinks – all in one convenient location. Now, that’s one hell of a bar!

“Although it’s an unusual concept, we believe that international beverages have the potential to be great ice-breakers or conversational starters about different cultures,” she said.

“It’s not common for people to be passionate about drinks from overseas. We hope to change that by offering consumers an incredibly huge variety of drinks they may not have seen or tasted before.”

Jessie said Drinks Cube allows consumers to buy as little as only one bottle of drink as well as the flexibility to mix and match their selection.

This encourages them to sample exotic unfamiliar drinks from countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece and Italy. However, they are not losing the patriotism since you can also order local Australian brands.

The Drinks Cube online store is ‘open’ 24/7 and is geared to Internet and mobile users, and “time-poor people”. The drinks come in different categories: carbonated, health, juice (including an organic range), energy, non-carbonated and sports.

Some are fairly unusual. The Hot Can, for instance, has a mechanism which, when triggered, warms itself within minutes while the 100 Plus is a rehydrating drink extremely popular in Malaysia.

“We believe that we’re the first in the world to offer consumers the convenience of a huge range of international drinks in one retail shop online – with doorstep delivery,” she said.

Drinks Cube offers delivery within Australia. See? We are one step closer to the day when we shall finally be able to download a martini straight off our laptops!

Image by chris.corwin