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Sue Hirst is a director of CAD Partners, a nation-wide mobile CFO "On-Call"/financial control/business accounting service for SME owners.

Take control of your cashflow to avoid growing broke

Focusing on growing the business and maximising profitability should always be top priorities for small businesses. However, concentrating on these areas alone can mean neglecting crucial cashflow practices that can lead to the demise of your business. Sue Hirst explains.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Starting the new year with an optimistic outlook is one thing. To remain confident throughout the rest of the year requires setting a series of short-term measurable goals that you celebrate as each is achieved.

Untangling the Red Tape – Standard Business Reporting starts July 2010

The tangle of red tape is shortly about to be made much simpler and more seamless as a result of an initiative led by the Australian Treasury called 'Standard Business Reporting', which will be available from 1 July, 2010.

When business is booming, but the cupboard is bare

An over-efficient accounts payable person can be the worst enemy of cashflow in a business, writes Sue Hirst.

Making your cash… flow

Cashflow problems often arise due to lack of understanding of how cash moves through a business and the difference between profit and cash flow. Here are some great tips to help ensure that your cash is flowing in the right direction.

How to grow your business without borrowing

If you've tried to get new lending or renew an existing loan recently, you'll know just how hard it is. As a result of...

10 steps to accelerate cashflow by streamlining accounts

Asking for money is probably one of the least enjoyable jobs in business. If it isn't handled right, it can have a massive impact...

Lessons learnt this year = more profit next year

There is an old saying: "If you aim at nothing you will hit the target with amazing accuracy." If you want to improve the results in your business, you need a target to aim for and a system for monitoring progress.

Polishing up your financial crystal ball

The 2008/2009 financial year would have to be one of the most volatile for many years. What will 2009/2010 bring for SMEs? Some say it will be tougher and there will be more job losses and some say there will be great opportunities around. Whatever the next financial year brings, every business owner needs to plan for the worst and the best case scenario.

Setting the wrong price can be costly

How do businesses determine their price to customers?

How will your business cope with falling turnover?

How would your business cope with a 20-30 percent drop in turnover? How do business owners deal with the wave of economic uncertainty that's reported on every day in the news, and decide what actions to take to survive and guide their business through (what we all hope will be) the inevitable upturn?

Focus on the numbers: a business health checklist

Across the board, strong businesses are those that are well run and designed to withstand outside influences, or have factored in potential risks and have a plan to manage the situation.

Systems = Sanity

A major challenge for any business owner is how to get others to help run the business, so that it doesn’t completely take over...

Cashflow: Why profitable businesses go bust

If business is selling products or services and buying labour and parts at the right price, why do so many go bust? Cash is often...
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