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Whatever you do, don’t make a video about your business like this one [VIDEO]


But, sadly, many businesses are. In fact, if you watch any commercial television today, chances are, you’ll see an ad that follows this formula.

Why? It’s a generic brand video.

Originally, the copy for this ad appeared in one of my favourite places on the interwebs, parody and humour site Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

This video is a parody but, what’s wrong with it? Just about everything. Every cliche, every bit of stock footage, every token effort to be a part of a community and ‘really show you understand your market’, appears in it.

It’s entirely made of stock footage from Dissolve but, watch this video and you’ll start to think of dozens of examples of real companies that have followed this exact path to create something that is supposedly unique.

Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t be a cliche in your marketing. Watch and learn!

Generic Brand Video


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