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How to create demand for a really boring product [VIDEO]


Of all the household chores, there’s one thing I like the least. That’s ironing.

But, it’s closely followed by vacuuming. Even with a Dyson, vacuuming is a tedious, thankless and, most importantly, endless job.

While robotic vacuums have been around for a while, most were thwarted by low slung furniture, different flooring and, doorways.

But, Dyson has stepped up and done it again. Vacuums as machines are pretty boring but this one, this one looks awesome.

It’s a robot with a built-in camera that triangulates where it’s cleaned and where it needs to clean. It can be controlled by an app on your phone. It doesn’t get freaked out by different floorings or, different thresholds between rooms.

In short, it has solved all the problems that the first generation of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Dyson has done, what Dyson does best. It innovates. It takes every day, not very interesting chores like vacuuming, keeping cool and hand drying in public toilets, and creates innovative solutions.

How? By understanding the problem, applying customer-based design methodology to create products that help people get the job done.

And, by doing that, demand is created for, what is, essentially, a boring product.

I possibly want this vacuum more than I want a new iPhone 6.

See the new Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum in action