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What does the average Australian blogger look like? You might be surprised


The average Australian blogger is female, has patrolled the blogosphere for one to three years, and has purchasing habits swayed heavily by product reviews online.

That’s the quick takeaway from an informal survey directed by Nuffnang Australia, the local office of Asia-Pacific’s premier platform for blog advertising.

The company sent out 3,000 surveys back in May. There were 594 responses; 60% were Nuffnang members. So, again — not scientific. But as any email marketer will tell you, a response rate of nearly 20% is nothing to snort at.

The results are laid out below in nifty infographic style (click on the graphic for a larger image). Lots of stuff to ingest, but here are a few things that really made our ant feelers twitch:

  • 88% of the respondents were female, leaving us curious as to whether the gender scales truly tip that heavily among Australian bloggers. And if they do, why?
  • Aspirations to turn blogging into a career or to ramp up blogging skills decreases the longer someone has hung out in the blogosphere. Perhaps it takes a few years for reality to set in.
  • Two-thirds of respondents are willing to put up with sponsored posts as long as the posts are impartial and transparent. The size of that response surprised us. And, truth to tell, the concept of a post that’s sponsored, yet impartial, puzzled us.

All in all, some interesting results to chew on. What are your impressions?

Image by Viralbus