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What every entrepreneur can learn from someone vacuuming a duck [VIDEO]


It has been said to me that I can turn any video into something relevant to business and entrepreneurship. I like to think of that as a super power. It also probably reveals quite a lot about how my brain works.

So, yes, I believe there is a lesson from duck vacuuming for every entrepreneur.

It comes down to this: what are you expecting? When I saw the title of this video, I didn’t expect that the duck would:

a) like it
b) lie there on its back
c) be so damn cute

What does that mean for entrepreneurs?

Sometimes we assume we know what will be the reaction to our business, a new product or service. But, in reality we don’t. Mostly, we hope for the best, even if we’ve done lots of research. You can never really predict how people, or in this case, ducks, will react. Often we are pleasantly surprised but sometimes it can be the exact opposite.

Every time you’re thinking about engaging with your current customers or entering a new market — think about this duck.

Remember that you didn’t know what to expect and prepare yourself for what ever happens next, be it good or challenging. Because, anything is possible. Quack.

Vacuuming my duck


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