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The ‘Uber of couriers’ is here to disrupt how Australians send and receive packages


New start-up People Post has set out to be a game changer for the Australian courier industry, with the new crowd sourced courier service launching in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth early this year.

People Post has been referred to as the ‘Uber of couriers’, combining the share economy model and modern technology to change how we courier documents, parcels, gifts, and more.

By operating outside of the traditional courier framework, People Post provides unrestricted access to a key service that has long been a major headache for many businesses.

So how does this People Post work?

People Post connects users with registered runners nearby who are available to courier parcels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter how big or urgent the parcel is.

Senders can post a job within just a couple of minutes and enjoy same day delivery, live track delivery progress as well as rate and favourite their runners, all via People Post’s easy to use and completely transparent online platform.

There’s no need to DIY when you can send a runner, there’s always one available just around the corner so your customers can receive their order faster.

Runners are security checked and insured, and can own a car, van, bike, or even an Opal card, creating a convenient employment option for many, whether it’s full time or just to earn extra cash.

Thanks to People Post, many Australian businesses including florists, corporate organisations, online retailers, legal firms, real estate agents and medical practices now have an easy and adaptable solution to an otherwise stressful part of life.

“We are making courier services more available, affordable and reliable,” People Post co-Founder Wayne Wang stated. “People Post is also a much more user friendly and transparent experience than using a traditional courier or postal service.”

What is the story behind People Post?

Wayne describes himself as a “continuous entrepreneur”.

“My background has been mostly web and app development, and I also had a small mobile phone repair business, where I encountered massive issues with courier services on a daily basis,” he shared with Anthill, about the journey that led him to People Post.

“No one could offer an affordable same day delivery service, which wasted a lot of my time. It’s not an ideal situation for small businesses to be in, and we hope to solve that.”

Wayne saw opportunity for improvement in the way we send and receive parcels in Australia, and he strongly feels it’s a market that’s ready for the kind of change his new business promises.

“The rise of the sharing economy is rapidly changing the way we use traditional services such as personal drivers and accommodation, and is successful because these services are outdated and don’t answer modern supply and demand needs.”

“People Post was born from a similar notion, utilising modern technology to provide a fast, reliable, value-for-money solution, eliminating frustrations commonly experienced when using traditional courier services,” he explained.

Wayne revealed to Anthill that People Post was self-funded at the beginning, like a lot of start-ups. “Along the way, we managed to get a couple of private angle investors on-board. We are now in the process of securing a $3 million investment for national and global expansion.”

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