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Is this the most bizarre celebrity endorsement ever? [VIDEO]


Celebrity endorsements can make a huge difference to your marketing.

Assuming the celebrity is indeed a celebrity and someone that your audience aspires to be like.

But, this celebrity endorsement has me confused. What the hell is Ronaldo endorsing?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a player for Real Madrid. You know, football with the round ball.

He gets paid a rumoured, $52 million a year to play football. He earns even more for endorsements like this one.

So, this guy earns a million bucks a week and he still felt this was a good idea.

Now, I know Japan creates some fascinating products. I’ve written about them before. Plus, there is some evidence that if you exercise the muscles in your face, you will age slower or better or, something.

But still, I have no words to describe how terrifying this ad makes this product look.

The correlation between a super fit athlete and ‘facial fitness’ isn’t a huge leap. But, I’m not sure anything can make this device look okay.

Will Ronaldo’s endorsement make it a best seller?

I don’t know.

I notice he didn’t put it in his mouth.

He stuck with what he knows best – bouncing a ball off his forehead.

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