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Turning print ads interactive. And, not a QR code in sight [VIDEO]


Usually, if a print ad wants to ad some ‘interactive’ elements, a QR code is added.

Once you scan the QR code, you are taken away from the print ad. So, it’s not really the print ad that’s interactive at all. It may as well just have a URL on it. It’s a bit of a cheat’s way to making print interactive.

Car maker Lexus didn’t want to do that. In the latest issue of the US magazine, Sports Illustrated, Lexus used its own technology to create a print ad, that turns interactive.

The Lexus technology, called CinePrint, is also a bit of a cheat’s way of making print ads interactive. But, it’s unique.

By placing an iPad behind the printed page, the ad comes to life. Colours flow through the ad. Music is played.

Is it going to transform traditional print advertising?

Lexus interactive print ad

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