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This Australian tech startup has used AI to break into the European market

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), has become the first government entity to integrate TrademarkVision’s new technology through the official launch of its eSearch platform this month.

Engineering meets the law: How 3D printing could affect the Australian patent system

Like any disruptive technology, the advent of 3D printing technology also raises many legal questions in the area of intellectual property. Understanding the legal issues surrounding 3D printing is more important than ever.

You should spend your money on good coffee, not bad intellectual property rights

The stage is set for success, all you need to do is stay focused, keep costs and distractions low, and execute. Why then spend your valuable time and money exploring intangible things such as intellectual property (IP)?

Do you want to make money off your ideas? Here are three key questions...

The idea is always the easy part and from my point of view as a designer, creating the product is also an easy part in the equation. Some projects may pose technical challenges, however with research, design and development these can be overcome.

When imitation flatters but undermines: 4 insider tips to beat counterfeit pirates

Relentless years of hard work and sleepless nights lift new brands and businesses off the ground. When copycats steal your ideas it’s heartbreaking. But with a little insider knowledge you can beat the counterfeiters.

Did you know that just registering your business name is not enough to protect...

Is the name of your business protected? You’ll probably say 'yes' if you have a business name registration or are a registered company, but...

Do I really have to register my trademarks?

Many business owners do not register IP because they’re frightened of incurring expensive legal bills, or don’t know where else to turn, and as a result many hide an ever present foreboding anxiety because they’re worried someone will “steal” their idea before they actually protect it.

Tired of having your million-dollar ideas stolen? There’s a new sheriff in town just...

With the prevalence of digital media and online sharing, an Australian company, Veridocx, has launched a cost effective way for people to protect their intellectual property and digital files.

Why planning for IP ownership is critical for your business, and your sanity

What happens when you are sitting down with your supplier, customer or contractors, discussing business or a project or a product idea and in the course of the discussion some valuable new intellectual property (IP) is identified? It's an inevitable scenario that can arise almost anytime you have a group of bright and innovative people gathered for a meeting.

Own IP? Here’s an app to keep sight of its value

You would imagine the legal fraternity to be a slouch when it comes to technology. Remember how they were stuck, for years, with the...

One less reason to protect your IP properly. Repeat after me, more patents, less...

Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Innovation Mark Dreyfus, is a massive fan of new laws passed last month, designed to strengthen Australia’s intellectual property system. It's always exciting when there's a chance of less red tape getting in the way of running your business.

Remarqueble launches tool to help companies claim their brands in an online world

Brand creation’s a slippery little sucker. The second you get the lay of the land, the rules change. Again. Fortunately new Australian business Remarqueble has come up with a simple way to do just that. The Melbourne-based company has built some very clever technology that’s helping small-to-medium enterprises and large law firms alike to stake their branding claim in an increasingly digital landscape.

Protect Your Ideas…Are you worried that someone might steal or infringe your intellectual property?

It's a practical hands-on course. It is about getting results. You will be provided with valuable information, in a structured format, over a full day, in a workshop limited to 20 attendees. You will be given personalised guidance. It's about being proactive. You will be working with others.

Stop! Thief! How to protect your business ideas (plus, your patents, trademarks and copyrights)

Poor, poor entrepreneurs. No sooner have they had the Best. Idea. Ever, then they start fretting that someone’s going to thieve it. Other than never telling another living, breathing soul about your plans, there are several ways to protect your business model, invention or confidential information.

How to become the master of your domain [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY]

There are a number of myths and misunderstandings surrounding registering a domain name. The reality is domain registration is just one small step towards interwebs domination, not the end goal. The following myth busters will ensure you go online with eyes open.

What is ‘design registration’? It’s all about protecting your good looks.

It’s vital that you take care of your looks. No, we are not talking about wearing the right sunscreen or drinking two litres of water a day (although that’s important too), we're talking about the best way to protect the appearance of your new product. Design registration refers to the overall visual appearance of a product, rather than the way it functions. Remember that when determining the appropriate type of protection for your product.

Patently obvious: 7 things every business owner should know about patents (but usually doesn’t)

‘Patents’ and ‘patent pending’ are much more than words bandied about on late-night infomercials. Like other tools in the intellectual property stable, patents are intended to protect an inventor’s product or method. As with copyright and trademark, patents can initially seem daunting. However, the following seven tips will set you on the path to understanding how patents apply to your business.

Copyright demystified: 7 things every Australian business owner should know

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to understand copyright requirements to ensure work is secure and minimise the risk of infringing another’s property. Copyright protection in Australia is easily demystified -- the following seven tips will give you a great foundation.

7 common intellectual property mistakes made by startups (and how to avoid them)

For many companies, particularly technology companies, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. However, many companies, especially start-ups, fail to adequately identify or protect their IP from the outset. This can often require more costly and cumbersome steps being taken at a later stage to adequately protect the company’s IP.

Perth pro’s new design-contest site aims to root out troublesome copycats. But is another...

A Perth graphic designer has unveiled Klick360, a website for design projects that aims to address many of problems with intellectual-property theft that swirl around competition-based sites.
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