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Remarqueble launches tool to help companies claim their brands in an online world


Brand creation’s a slippery little sucker. The second you’ve got the lay of the land, the rules change. Again.

Take trademarks and domains. Not long ago it was enough to register your domain, and maybe your trademark if you were big potatoes. But with social media hogging a growing chunk of the limelight, companies now find they also need to protect their identity across Twitter and its 2.0 bedfellows.

Fortunately new Australian business Remarqueble has come up with a simple way to do just that. The Melbourne-based company – founded by three experts in online brand registration and protection – has built some very clever technology that’s helping small-to-medium enterprises and large law firms alike to stake their branding claim in an increasingly digital landscape.

How It Works…

Step 1: Search
Tell Remarqueble your name, phrase or upload your logo and get your free availability report

Step 2: Add Goods And Services
Tell Remarqueble what your company produces and/or what services you offer

Step 3: Your Contact Details
Provide Remarqueble with your registration details

Remarqueble’s online trademarking reach spans six countries all packaged up nicely in a single interface.

In addition to the company’s online search efforts, Remarqueble shares the love with other businesses via its affiliate and reseller programs.

The Changing Face Of Brand Protection

“Brand protection has changed, thanks mainly to the internet,” co-founder Ben Lehman, a technology and intellectual property lawyer, says.

“Trademarks are still… the core of brand protection, but even offline companies now need to consider domain names and social media usernames.”

“They also need to think of branding in the global context.”

Along with business partners Duncan Bucknell, a world-leading IP strategist, and David Taylor, a registration and reseller systems expert, Lehman has built a technology suite that enables businesses to establish brand protection quickly, without having to shell out the big bucks.

“It’s disappointing to see people work hard to build and promote a brand, only to have someone copy it or worse, have someone take it away,” Lehman says.

“It’s equally disappointing to see people spend a small fortune on brand protection when the same end result can be achieved for much more reasonable cost.”

“We wanted to introduce a sensible balance – allow people to do their research online when it suits them and provide a simple, managed registration process across core brand protection areas (trademarks, domain names and social media).”

“We combine our years of experience into a simple, free to search, fixed price registration service.”

Remarqueble World-Firsts

While the idea for Remarqueble was first conceived in 2007-08, the bootstrapped company has opted for slow, steady growth rather than investor-funded world domination.

“We’ve all got complimentary skills and interests and a very similar outlook on running a successful business,” Lehman says of the Remarqueble trio.

Since launching its online tools, Remarqueble has been on the receiving end of some first-rate feedback from both local and international companies. Lehman puts this down to the world-firsts found within the start-up’s tech suite.

“Our search engine is the first in the world to combine multi-country trademarks, domain names, social media usernames and a number of proprietary data sources all on the one page.”

“It’s been a huge hit, particularly for start-ups and entrepreneurs searching for the perfect name.”

“Our search API is now used by one of the leading social media search companies in the world.”

So what’s next for the intrepid trademarking trio?

“We haven’t put down our tools just yet,” according to Lehman.

“We’ve got a long pipeline of ground breaking technology to bring to market in the coming months.”

“It’s an exciting time for us.”