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Where to spend your online marketing budget to attract sales

When I was just starting out, an old IBM-education sales manager was the first to tell me the real truism of all sales activity: “People buy from people” – a statement that embodies not just the mere fact that the process of selling is personal and emotional, but that successful sales is someone buying, as opposed to being sold to.

Are you seeking capital? August is ‘Venture Capital Month’ at Anthill!

So you have the commitment, the creativity, the cojones. But do you have the capital! This August, we've decided to explore the many facets of capital raising - from angel investment and grants to venture capital and private equity. For want of a better name, we're calling this exercise Anthill's VC Month.

Are you seeking capital? August is 'Venture Capital Month' at Anthill!

So you have the commitment, the creativity, the cojones. But do you have the capital! This August, we've decided to explore the many facets of capital raising - from angel investment and grants to venture capital and private equity. For want of a better name, we're calling this exercise Anthill's VC Month.

Anthill talks up pitchclub on Sky News Australia

Sky News Business Channel reporter Brooke Corte talks to the founder and editor-in-chief of Anthill magazine about 'Pitch Club'.

Seeking venture capital? Need angel funding?

This first event in Anthill's upcoming 'Tunnel Talk' series, held in conjunction with Design Victoria, is a two-part initiative developed for business builders, commercial innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs and creative professionals seeking to identify investment ready ideas and acquire growth capital.

Doing business in the US: 13 smart tips to minimise risk

The United States is relentless in making its vast markets seem enticingly available, yet every mistake when doing business there can be costly and unforgiving. Here are the top 13 things you “must do” prior to taking the plunge and doing business in the US.

Marita Cheng, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner

Marita Cheng is still at university (studying a mechatronics engineering and computer science double-degree), but she already owns and runs two businesses.

The market-building dilemma

Having a strong market-based business is great. You are a power broker and can often profit from both sides. But how do you get over the chicken and egg problem? From my experience working with more than 12 market-based businesses, there are two things you need to do.

Raising capital – Who gives a damn about the numbers?

People ask me quite regularly if I can look over their numbers prior to them talking to potential funders. I have generally been happy to do so, but the truth is that I will have no clue. Neither will the potential funders. And, most likely, neither will you. The thing about most new ventures is...well, they are new. So we put down our best guesses, present them as the gospel truth and everyone pretends they know more than everyone else. What a crock.

Handheld medical device named Next Big Thing

The winners of Innovic's International Next Big Thing Award, which identifies innovative products with the potential to change the world, were announced last Friday.

Customer convenience makes a comeback – Foodies lead the charge

Bucking the trend of customer inconvenience, some savvy entrepreneurs have carved out a lucrative niche for themselves in the online food industry by reinstating consumer convenience as King.

Survey: high-net-worth individuals are looking to invest in private companies

With business and consumer confidence languishing, it would be logical to think that investor confidence would be similarly depressed. However, according to a recent survey of 4,169 Australian investors conducted by Wholesale Investor, investor sentiment is buoyant.

Us Now – Oh the times, they are a changin

Us Now is a fascinating documentary film examining the astonishing pace of change that society is currently undergoing, led by the growth of the internet, technology and the new tribalism they are enabling.

Dude, you stole my business idea! Confidentiality agreements 101

An issue close to the heart (and start) of any creative venture is how to protect your valuable idea or concept if you need to disclose it to others. A common way is via a confidentiality agreement.

Seeking capital? Pitch Club is not a spectator sport!

Pitch Club is back in Melbourne! With a Panel of Angel Investors from Melbourne Angels, a selection of Melbourne's finest pitchers, this is not to...

Crisis creates once in a lifetime opportunity

The current global financial crisis has been described as a “once in a lifetime recession”. However savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and investors recognise it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make money.

How to write a business plan on a postcard

When attempting to understand 'how to write a business plan' it is often better to first ask, 'What is a business plan anyway?' You...

The 168 steps to starting a business (Part I)

We decided to list 168 steps (for want of a better random number). Of course, coming up with 168 steps is even harder than writing them, so we called on our trusty readers via the Anthill blog, in what has since been described as an experiment in Magazine 2.0 (reader-generated print content).

Book reviews


Online: How to stand out from the online pack

It's not news that the number of eyeballs searching for products and services online is growing rapidly. But you're possibly not aware of just how rapidly growth in internet commerce is occurring.
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The Alchemy of Negotiation with Matt Lohmeyer [FREE REPORT]

Negotiation is part and parcel of everyday life. Despite this, the idea of honing our negotiating skills doesn’t go down well with most of us. We fear that we’ll end up being manipulative, exploitative, scheming. To help us break the chains of this retrogressive mentality, we have Matt Lohmeyer. He has worked as a professional negotiator in various fields for over eight years and before that, negotiated deals with biotech pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In short, he’s an Alchemist in the Art of Negotiation.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...