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Kim Wingerei sells mobile phones and telco services online. He works to live, is easily distracted and likes sailing.

Will Australian retailers get serious online any time soon?

The apathy toward online retailing by Australia’s incumbent ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers has allowed some notable upstarts to gain a foothold in the digital shopping space. Kim Wingerei examines opportunities lost and seized.

What Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and startup capital raising have in common

US President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize based not on his accomplishments but to “encourage his vision” is not dissimilar to an entrepreneur trying to raise capital for the first time. Kim Wingerei explains.

The fear of change – Cricket in the snow and other mysteries

Business leaders must learn to preserve the old while ushering in changes. The example of Test match, One Day and Twenty20 cricket is illuminating, writes Kim Wingerei.

The top 10 lessons I learnt when my company collapsed

Thinking about starting up a business? Or are you in the middle of the ride of your life, totally focused on making you business a success? Take a moment to read this – it may save you from making some of the more common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. When my business collapsed last year, I learnt 10 things...

What you can learn from the online porn industry

Most people giggle about the prevalence of porn on the internet, but the truth is that the porn industry has pioneered many of the technological innovations of our time. As an industry, these companies are good at what they do. Really good. And you should learn from them.

Where to spend your online marketing budget to attract sales

When I was just starting out, an old IBM-education sales manager was the first to tell me the real truism of all sales activity: “People buy from people” – a statement that embodies not just the mere fact that the process of selling is personal and emotional, but that successful sales is someone buying, as opposed to being sold to.

Can social media sell anything but itself?

Despite having an MBA majoring in marketing, I fully admit to having a rather simplistic view of marketing: present a product or service so people can see what it is. Then leave the selling to the sales department.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...