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How to blow up the cubicle culture and start gamestorming your creativity


Dave Gray, co-author of Gamestorming, the 2010 book about collaboration for innovators, says the cubicle layout of your average business office is great for efficiency, but the worst possible design for creativity.

In the half-hour presentation below, Gray lays out the basics of gamestorming. He talks about breaking down physical and mental walls, about embracing your ignorance, about being willing to let the creative process veer from your original goals.

He invokes Columbus, Steve Jobs and the Brothers Grimm. And it works.

In short, creativity needs freedom and structure in measured doses — freedom to accept all possibilities and to shift directions when the current path grows cold, and structure to keep the process simmering so participants don’t lose interest.

For you creatives out there, watch out: Gray says you need to let go of your precious projects and let others have their say (he didn’t use the word “crowdsourcing,” but we read between the lines.

Special hat-tip to Dennis Roberts for suggesting this post on Anthill’s Facebook wall.

Dave Gray on gamestorming

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