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Survey: high-net-worth individuals are looking to invest in private companies


With business and consumer confidence languishing, it would be logical to think that investor confidence would be similarly depressed. However, according to a recent survey of 4,169 Australian investors conducted by Wholesale Investor, investor sentiment is buoyant.

The statistics revealed:

  • 76% of investors are seeking investment into private companies
  • 53% have $500k or more to invest
  • 72% believe now is a great time to invest
  • 79% of investors have over 50% of their funds in cash, ready to invest
  • 91% would invest in an early-stage/start-up if a strong Board / Management was in place and in the preferred sector
  • 55% said their biggest challenge was finding suitable deals
  • 63% were looking to invest directly into companies
  • 61% sought an equity stake of less than 20%

In addition, the survey revealed several positive factors influencing the private company market. These include:

  • Former MDs and CEOs are now actively pursuing high-growth businesses.
  • Many smaller venture capital and private equity firms are forming and looking to gain exposure to high quality companies.
  • Larger private firms are taking advantage of market conditions and looking to make strategic acquisitions.

Contrary to the prevailing attitude of doom and gloom, these figures reveal that this is a golden period for business – for those investors and entrepreneurs who are prepared to see the bigger picture, take a calculated risk and back themselves. A crisis for some is a blessing for others.

Read the survey results here (PDF).