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Solar freakin’ roadways: an epic idea with an epic promo video [VIDEO]


Where do I start with this one?

Quite simply, this innovation is awesome.

Solar panels that can be used to pave roads. Our night time landscape is going to look like the world of Tron!

And, it’s not just that. These environmental and economic logic behind this invention is awesome.

As in, this could quite easily change the world as we know it, kind of awesome.

Plus, its simple, elegant and, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, its available now! Well, almost.

The technology to do this already exists. What the inventors Julie and Scott Brusaw needed was $1 million to go into production for their solar powered road tiles.

So, they did what so many real inventors and entrepreneurs do. They went to the crowd.

There are still four days to go on this project and it’s already 50 per cent over subscribed, nearly $1.5 million has been pledged on Indiegogo.

But, wait! There’s more!

They didn’t just go out there with a video from the founders and inventors. They knew that they had to have a ripper bit of content to market this idea to the crowd.

So, when watching this video be in awe of the invention the first time round. Then, watch the video again as a bit of brilliant content marketing that has engaged around 6.4 million people in less than two weeks.

It’s a complicated, scientific product to explain. There are so many potential benefits to this invention. Basically, there’s a long story to tell but, this video totally nails it. Content marketing for the win!

Solar freakin’ roadways