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Should you quit? It might just be the most powerful thing you ever do [VIDEO]

Here's your sign!

Here’s an interesting thing to think about.

The closer you get to achieving your goal, the harder it is to succeed. Why? Often, it’s because you’ve invested so much time, energy and emotion into achieving the goal. It’s not uncommon to hit a period of inverse learning, even when the end goal is in sight! Everything starts to go backwards, you can’t seem to control things and then, you fail.

So, what would happen if you quite sooner rather than later?

Well, the first thing that would happen is that you’d get back a lot of your time. Time, that you could be possibly be spending doing something that really matters.

In this amusing and interesting TEDxABQ talk, Dr Rachael Horner explains how she quit when trying to achieve one of her main goals. It was remarkably bad timing on her part. She was delivering a baby.

But, what she learned about quitting and, the goals that we set for ourselves, is invaluable.

The power of quitting – Dr Rachael Horner


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