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Are these the real Elders of The Internet? And, do they know who I am? [VIDEO]


It is one of my all-time favourite episodes of the IT Crowd.

It’s the one where Roy and Moss let Jen (my namesake) take the Internet for her employee of the month speech at the shareholder’s meeting.

It is comedy gold.

But, check this out.

There are, in fact, seven Elders of the Internet.

OK, so the Internet isn’t a small black box with a red light on it but, the “Elders” concept isn’t quite as far fetched as you might have thought.

There are seven people in the world who hold the keys to the Internet. They, as a group, have the keys that can re-set the internet. It’s all to do with domain names, ICANN and, keeping the entire interwebs secure.

Watch the first video, as James Ball from The Guardian, is present for the handing over a new key. It’s part IT Crowd, part coronation ceremony and partly bizarre.

Read Ball’s full story to get the in-depth explanation of what is really going.

Of course, the second video below is the aforementioned scene from the IT Crowd.

Why? Because I can.

VIDEO #1: Who holds the seven keys to the internet?


VIDEO #2: The Elders of the Internet – IT Crowd