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Julian Assange likened to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars News rap


While there’s something undoubtedly ‘undergraduate’ about this video published yesterday by the Melbourne lads from Juice Media (a university researcher and an English teacher), it demonstrates what a game-changing force YouTube and the blogosphere have become.

While our mainstream media are able to do little more than comment on whether our Australian political leaders have knowledge (or no knowledge) of the US Government’s intention (or lack of intention) to indict Julian Assange should he find himself in Sweden in 14 days time (or should his lawyers earn him another reprieve through the European Court of Human Rights), this video cuts to the heart of what has been so appealing/intriguing/disturbing about the whole Wikileaks saga.

It pits an underdog rebel against the forces of darkness in a playful, musical analysis that will undoubtedly appeal to many of Assange’s existing supporters. It’s entertaining approach is also likely to appeal to the fence-sitters and people who couldn’t care less… but still like rap or Star Wars.

It’s amateurish and heavy handed. And, for this reason, it is its own best argument for the censorship it rails against.

What do Wikileaks and Star Wars have in common?