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Russian Police choir make a viral video hit. What did they do to achieve it? [VIDEO]


It’s one of the catchiest songs of the year, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

First there was the video that showed young ‘uns how to dance to this epic song – those who don’t remember Soul Train.

Now, we have the Russian Police Choir doing a nifty version and getting the guys in their spiffy uniforms and medals to groove along, in their own way.

It’s had more than three million views in the past four weeks.

What are the factors that may this a great viral video?

1. It’s a song you know – whether you love it or hate it
2. There’s some intriguing about a group of Russian Police being groovy – it’s shooting down our assumptions about what they chaps actually do
3. They can actually sing and perform
4. It’s a little bit twee. The smoke effects are something you’d expect from Eurovision.
5. Those are some mighty fine hats.

Russian Policy – Get Lucky (cover version)


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