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Re-design someone else’s website with Stylebot


User-generated content was once feared, and still is among many companies. For some people, it still just doesn’t feel… well… right to give web visitors a voice. (Ye gads! They might disagree with my learn-ed opinions!)

If you are like most of our enlightened readers, you have will have undoubtedly already accepted the merits of user participation. You are probably already fostering ways to gather the views of your customers and help them get more involved in your business.

But have you ever thought about turning over the design of your website — your precious digital home — to the great unwashed?

A a new Chrome extension was launched yesterday that allows visitors to access and modify the CSS for any web page (not just their own) from within the browser.

It’s called Stylebot and it can be used to change font attributes, remove advertising, move page elements, change colors, write one’s own CSS selectors and quite a bit more.

Stylebot Demo

Of course, we know what you’re thinking.

What’s up with the Brian Eno movie score? (Bad taste, maybe?) Rather, we hope you’re thinking,  ‘Will Anthill run some sort of competition?’ The simple answer… Kinda.

If you’re a Chrome user and want to give this baby a test drive, just email your screengrabs to  info[at]anthillonline.com. We don’t have prizes but we might just publish your own personal remakes of popular sites (including Anthill’s, of course).