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Verizon attempts to dowse iPhone sizzle with iDon't ad


Serious players in the lucrative mobile phone space have been thinking long and hard about how to compete with the sizzle that Apple’s iPhone has with consumers. Motorola, Nokia and even Research in Motion (BlackBerry) have been scrambling to reduce their slide in market share since the iPhone was launched two years ago.

US telco Verizon seems to have settled on an open warfare tactic on behalf of Motorola’s yet-to-be-released Droid handset. This ad, dubbed “iDon’t”, runs through all the things the iPhone doesn’t do (that Droid does… or will).

It will be interesting to see whether this kind of approach has any impact on consumers attitudes to Apple’s un-droid-like iPhone.

UPDATE: Mike Arrington over on TechCrunch seems to think Droid is the real deal.

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