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Pure awesome: the honest and surprising facts about coffee [VIDEO]


Steven Wright once asked, “Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?”

Chances are they do. I’m sure, that like many of us, they drink coffee. Some of us drink more coffee than others.
Some of us need coffee.

If your coffee of choice is, say, a skinny double-shot macchiato, it would require 80 coffee beans to make the brew. So, it’s not really surprising that globally, we consume 300 tons of caffeine a day. Yes, a day.

Yet, coffee is technically a poison. It kills the bugs that try to eat the tree. But, it may have health benefits for us humans.

It can also be linked to being the beverage that led great minds to The Enlightenment, the first big kick towards entrepreneurial thought.

In this C.G.P Grey video, the honest facts about this beverage that powers many an entrepreneurial mind, are simply explained.

All about coffee

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