Home Promotions Want Anthill to help promote your design innovation?

Want Anthill to help promote your design innovation?

Optalert's high-tech glasses determine a driver’s drowsiness continuously. Do you have an innovation you'd like Anthill to help promote?

Are you an industrial designer, a technologist, an inventor, an entrepreneurial product developer – someone with an innovation that you’d like Anthill to help promote?

If so, please complete the submission form below. If we like what we see, we’ll publish!

But before you get started…

1) Submissions must include a picture(s) or a video – a picture tells a thousand words, a video is even more compelling. If you can’t provide either of these things, you’re not ready yet.

2) We’re only interested in genuine Australian made innovations – not the latest photocopier from your multi-national parent company. We like hearing about the latest Japanese gadget too. But this is not the place.

3) While you might seek the assistance of a PR professional to submit your submission, this submission form is not for the delivery of press releases. And please don’t resort to technical or marketing jargon.

In summary, our readers want to be able to see photos, prototypes, videos – your innovation in action. They want to learn about Australian innovations. They want you to explain your innovation with clarity.

With that in mind, here’s the form…