Home ANTHILL TV Think Mums and Dads are jiggy with it? Toyota does.

Think Mums and Dads are jiggy with it? Toyota does. [Video]


Collectively, the money spent on car advertising in a year must be enough to end third world debt. And what for? So we can watch another well-crafted, beautifully shot and stylish depiction of a beautiful, well-crafted and stylish car that we’ll probably never get the chance to own. Promoting the latest and greatest to run off the production line has become amazing and predictable. Which is why this recent ad from Toyota comes as a refreshing change.

Yeah it’s dorky, Mums and Dads aren’t very cool and the car isn’t something we’d ever really want to get in, let alone drive. However, Toyota have targeted their market accurately with numerous well-placed prized parental hallmarks and clearly understood their audience.

Not only that, and dare I say it, but the tune is actually quite catchy.

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