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Is this the world’s first campaign using Facebook Poke? [VIDEO]


The agency Grey, in Tel Aviv, is claiming that it is.

Facebook Poke is a curious little app. It allows users to send a message that disappears after a few second. You can’t read the message again, you can’t save it. I’m assuming this brings a whole new level to the concept of selfies, but I digress.

Grey Tel Aviv used Facebook Poke to promote a short-lived sale on tights. Using a 10 second video to capture attention, the viewers are then offered a discount.

One of the limitations of the Facebook Poke is that a video can only be sent to 40 people at a time. And, as the video is a ‘one-time use only’, for every 40 people the agency wanted to contact via Poke, another video needed to be shot. The videos sent on Poke also can’t be forwarded to anyone else.

Talk about a time-consuming, real-time process!

It’s a simple concept, and an interesting experiment by the agency and its client, Delta Lingerie. However, due to the limitations, I do wonder if this app is going to have large scale commercial applications.