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Dear Santa, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to fit a 3D printer down my chimney [VIDEO]


Sick of boring family portraits? You know the ones. When it all goes horribly wrong, the photos end up on Awkward Family Photos.

No more!

OMOTE 3D is a 3D photo booth. And, you guessed it, 3D printers create the final work of art.

While OMOTE is claiming this to be a ‘world first’, by the wonders of YouTube comments, information has been shared that 3D printed self portraits have been happening in Spain for several years.

Imagine the possibilities! You could have yourself and a friend, or indeed an arch nemesis, printed into chess pieces. That would liven up the game.

OMOTE will print out your ‘3D photo’ in sizes that range from 10cm to 20cm high. And, all for a quite reasonable price of about $250.

It’s the gift for someone who has everything except a miniature, life-like printing of your good self.

Me however, I don’t have everything. In fact, a 3D printer would be awesome thanks Santa! Hint, hint.

3D photo booth – Omote 3d