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Do you have the stomach for the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster?


Strap in, fellow entrepreneurs. It’s time to experience that harrowing, energising thrill of trying to turn an idea into a business. Hope you didn’t enjoy a heavy lunch.

Some friends of David Hauser, a Boston-based businessman who has launched more than five startups, created this little Flash presentation, which compares the emotional journey of creating a business to a rollercoaster ride.

Some of the observations are spot-on, even witty. The main thing missing here is, well, a proper rollercoaster. This one goes up, down and, if your idea bites, jumps the track. But any decent ‘coaster today has loops, corkscrews and flashy tunnels.

Surely there’s a parallel between the entrepreneurial experience and going upside-down and inside-out? Sound familiar to anyone? Urp.

Ride the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

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