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Bring back the love: What is wrong with this ad? [VIDEO]


There is an advertisement that was created to promote Microsoft Advertising products, way back in 2007, called Bring Back the Love (watch it below). It seems to be doing the rounds, once again, experiencing a presumably unplanned viral renaissance. Like the Hitler Finds Out meme, its longevity is likely to have surprised (maybe dismayed) even its makers.

The advertisement is an extremely clever one, highlighting the challenges faced by contemporary marketing professionals. The product range it was created to promote include Microsoft Search Advertising (what you’ll find on Bing) and Microsoft Display Advertising (what you’ll find on MSN Channels, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger).

Bring Back the Love – Microsoft Advertising

It’s such a clever, funny and well written advertisement. (“You are 28 to… 34. Your online interests include music, movies and… laser hair removal.” Gold!) But it always leaves me feeling strangely conflicted. The source and purpose don’t seem to gel with the message.

It’s an extremely effective advertisement in its capacity to communicate a disruptive message. And its creators could almost be described as visionary, producing these insights well before the rise of the social web. But is it an effective tool for selling Search and Banner advertising?

What do you think?