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If you want to know what the web will look like in 2011, watch this video [10 Internet Trends for 2011]


If you’re wondering about the future of the internet but want more than the glib, usually poorly researched (albeit visually spectacular) YouTube memes that surface every six months, prepare to be impressed.

In 20 minutes, Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker outlines the 10 most influential internet trends likely to influence the way we create, consume and exploit digital media in 2011.

Filmed at the Web 2.0 Summit, earlier this month in San Francisco, USA, its very format proves once and for all that user-generated content is alive and well (and that compelling content will always beat high production values).

Fortunately, it also says so much more, providing enough insights to have your head swimming in the possibilities all weekend.

Hat-tip: Thanks to Quy Dao for bringing this video to our attention.

10 Internet Trends 2011, Mary Meeker