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Hello, you’ve reached Pranksters Ltd. Press one. Thank you. Please hold. Hello, you’ve reached …


Anyone who has found themselves in please-hold hell will appreciate this video. It tells the story of a Belgian TV show that decided to pull a prank on a Brussels-based telephony company that is notorious for its crummy customer service.

Before you start the vid, some acknowledgments. First, mad props to the show’s producers for pulling this off. As others have noted, the targeted company, Mobistar, is one of Belgium’s largest advertisers. So there were some serious stones engaged here.

Second, huzzahs to the music chosen for the pranksters’ please-stay-on-the-line moments. One tune, “Green Leaves of Summer,” is on the soundtrack of “Inglorious Basterds.” Another choice was Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” (“Is it me you’re looking for?”).

Third, an olive branch for the poor, besieged security guard who took the brunt of the prank with amazing aplomb. He reportedly became an instant folk hero after the TV show aired.

Oh, and fear not: The clip is heavily subtitled for those who slept through their Dutch language courses.

Pranksters yank a Belgian call center

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