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Five fast ways to grow your business by the guy who built a $500 million empire [ACADEMY]


Whereas the Anthill Academy normally likes to focus on topics of a practical nature, we couldn’t resist sharing this webinar presentation by Siimon Reynolds.

It outlines five broad themes that have accelerated his commercial success. Each theme highlights five hard-won lessons (at least) acquired through experience.

Press play, sit back and let the ideas flow over you. (If you can not extract one game-changing piece of advice from this presentation, you’re seriously not trying.)




The name Siimon Reynolds is already familiar to most business builders in Australia. From 2008 until 2011 Siimon was Chairman of OMG, Australia’s largest group of websites, currently running over 31,000 sites. OMG is currently in the process of being acquired by Fairfax Media.

Prior to these companies Siimon founded several successful ad agencies, winning ‘Advertising Agency of the Year’ twice, as well as over 50 industry awards. These include TV Commercial of the Year, Magazine Ad of the Year, Newspaper Ad of the Year, and The Gold Lion, at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. (Ever see the “Grim Reaper Aids” campaign in the 1990s? It was an industry game changer. That was him.)

His most recent business, Photon Group, started with two people in 2000 and seven years later employed over 6000 staff, in 14 countries. The group consisted of 54 companies and was valued on the ASX at over $500 million.