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What if we didn’t need lights to see at night? What if there was a technology to create energy from our windows? [VIDEO]


Well, both of these things are possible.

Nanotechnology. To many, it seems very much like science fiction when, in reality, it is science fact.

In this TED talk, Justin Tipping-Hall demonstrates some amazing applications of carbon nanotubes when mixed with polymers and when integrated with other nano materials. Tipping-Hall works with nanotechnology startups.

Firstly, you can add a polymer to carbon nano tubes that will make sheets of clear, flexible material that can be placed on to windows. If a small 2 volt burst of power is applied, the material will reflect heat out of the room. Add the volts again and it reverts to being transparent to allow heat in.

Heating and cooling costs be gone!

Then, if this technology is added to another nano material that allows a material to be produced that views in infrared… this will negate the need for artificial lighting at night.

But wait! There’s more!

There is also a way to store the energy that is created from your windows. This means you can use the energy or beam it to my house if I need some more energy.

As Tipping-Hall eloquently puts it, the power plant of tomorrow is no power plant. The energy grid of tomorrow is no energy grid.

If that’s not enough, Tipping-Hall has got even more. All of this can be used to bring the world clean drinking water.

It’s inspiring stuff!

Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid