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What can a bunch of dancing doctors teach every entrepreneur? One important lesson [VIDEO]


This is a video of a dancing group of doctors. Or, is there a better collective noun for doctors other than ‘group’? The CEO of the hospital does a great Christina Auguilera impersonation.

It was made on the Gold Coast in Queensland by a team of medical specialists at the Pindara private hospital. It was used at an end of year function to amuse the rest of the staff at the hospital. Reading through the comments, they certainly achieved that.

According to an article in the Brisbane Times, this video was recorded over six hours on a Sunday night after a 100km charity bike ride.

So, besides being a rather amusing video (the doctor in the cut-off, mid-driff scrubs is epic) with some fabulous out takes at the end, what can this video teach every entrepreneur?

Yes, you’ve got to have some great moves.

But, what went on here is interesting. These doctors are highly trained specialists. That is, they spent six years studying Medicine at University. Then, they would have worked for a time in hospitals. Then, they did many more years in their specialist field. Finally, they began their careers as specialists. This group includes an oncologist, an ER physician, a respiratory specialist, an obstetrician and many others.

These are highly specialised areas of medicine. To work at this level of medicine, it requires very specific skills and knowledge. The CEO too, she would have years of experience in being a medical and business administrator.

But, there was one thing they needed to pull off this video stunt – dance lessons.

So, while they were highly skilled in some areas, they were not so in others. This is true of every entrepreneur.

What did they do? The took it upon themselves to learn the skill they needed. They recognised that the best outcome was going to happen if they knew more, got expert advice and practised regularly.

The lesson for every entrepreneur: know when you need help and seek out the best people to provide it.

Dance on Pindara medical team. Dance on.

Pindara Hospital Doctors – Move Like Jagger