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Buy a brick for Christmas (or any other occasion) [VIDEO]


Do you have everything you need? Or, know someone who does?

Then, this is the perfect gift for them – for Christmas, for a birthday, for the end of the year or, just plain, well … because.

Because why?

Because Tesla.

No, not the electric cars invented by the potentially real-world Iron Man, Elon Musk.

I mean the man that Musk named his company after – Nikola Tesla.

About a year ago, internet cartoon sensation The Oatmeal, began a campaign to raise the funds needed to buy Tesla’s original laboratory in New York. The plan was to build a museum to the world’s greatest inventor

Now you can buy a brick with your name or, your company name and be forever a part of the Tesla Museum.

Why does this matter?

Without a doubt, Tesla was a genius. Much of his work, to this day, remains unrecognised. He held hundreds of patents and sold many but he died alone, impoverished and debt.


Firstly, because all he wanted to do was create, to invent and it’s that kind of drive the keeps entrepreneurs going.

He discovered AC electricity. You know, the exact stuff that’s powering your computer right now. You thought Edison did that? Nope. It was was Tesla. And, that’s just one of the wrongs this worldwide campaign seeks to correct.

But wait, there’s more! Join in the sing-a-long video as part of the Indiegogo campaign to sell the bricks.

The target has been hit but there’s still weeks to go. There’s still a chance to help make history.

Nikola Tesla Dood – Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal