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The Oatmeal charity drive raises $900k: The power of the internet and science geeks


I’ve said it before, earlier this week in fact, and I’ll say it again. Science is the new sexy.

How sexy?

In less than 20 hours, the campaign headed by The Oatmeal, has raised $400,000 to buy the land that was formerly home to Nikola Telsa’s laboratory. The target was $850,000, which would be matched by the New York state government, so that a museum dedicated to this amazing man of science, could be built.

With 39 days to go in this crowd-sourced, science, charity extravaganza, it’s likely that significant funding towards the building of the museum will also be collected. Today, the total raised is over $900,000. Target achieved, and more is yet to come.

If you’re not familiar with Tesla’s work – read The Oatmeal version of his life’s history. [Warning: salty language]

Telsa was obsessed with the number three. So, in tribute to this genius entrepreneur and inventor, all donations are in multiples of three.

The power of the internet is a mighty thing. The Oatmeal is nothing short of an internet super hero. It’s creator, Matthew Inman, frequently uses his internet clout to do good.

In it’s three years online, The Oatmeal has gained a massive following. It has been viewed by more than 100 million users and, generated more than one billion page views. It averages more than seven million unique visitors, and 30 million page views. In short, it’s a behemoth. A very funny behemoth.

With this level of support, The Nikola Tesla Science Centre looks set to become reality, and go down in the Internet Hall of Fame.

If you want to donate, and get some limited edition stuff from The Oatmeal, go here.

(Image Source: The Oatmeal)