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Enterprise Workshop celebrates 33 years and $1 billion in revenue


South Australia’s Enterprise Workshop will honour 22 graduates on 23 October.

Since it’s inception 33 years ago, Enterprise Workshop has been honing the ideas and skills of some of South Australia’s most promising entrepreneurs. Two notable alumni projects of Enterprise Workshop include Vision Systems and Minelab.

Enterprise Workshop: a history of success

This year’s event is being staged by Flinders’ New Venture Institute.

“The Enterprise Workshop builds on a wonderfully rich history of success. It joins entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be with extraordinary people, passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship whether it is in technology or in services, in a once in a lifetime experiential learning experience,” said SA Enterprise Workshop Chair, Dr Nick Begakis AO, recently said.

“We are thoroughly proud to honour this year’s exceptional graduates and showcase their groundbreaking ideas to the business world.”
In addition to being showered with community recognition, this year’s Enterprise Workshop grads are up for several awards, including North Terrace Tyres Group’s Best Presentation, Principal Finance’s Best Financial Plan and Lisa Redman’s Most Outstanding Female Entrepreneur.

All the potent notables…

The evening’s key note speech will be delivered by Jim Whalley, co-founder of Nova Aerospace and a former Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot.

A sampling of the new business ideas incubated at this year’s workshop includes a gesture recognition technology to encourage people to create art and music, irrespective of their age, disabilities, or language, and a product designed to assist people who need help with mobility that keeps dignity and independence at the forefront of the client’s needs.

Since March of this year, the graduates have completed over 100 hours of contact time plus related mentoring and team building activities, all carried out by established business people, many of whom are graduates of previous workshops.

The winning team will collect over $15,000 worth of prizes, a three-month use of an incubator space at eNVIsion, $1000 of IP/Trademark services from Madderns Patent Attorneys and numerous networking opportunities including free tickets to the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia’s events

2014’s Enterprise Workshop teams’ concepts:

Splashboard is the first program that uses gesture recognition technology to encourage people to create art and music, irrespective of their age, disabilities, or language. Bright colours paint across the screen with visual and auditory special effects that respond to the user’s movements and gestures.

Splashboard is downloadable for computer or Xbox and has print options. It uses a Microsoft Kinect camera to track movement, creating a new avenue for creativity, physical activity and therapy. The multi-award winning prototype was successfully trialled with children with severe disabilities and has attracted the attention of schools, aged-care facilities, disability organisations and individuals.

AssistMe: Dignity. Happiness. Freedom. Our focus is not about the aged or disabled; we’re thinking about everyone’s need for mobility, independence and dignity. 
We’re thinking about you, and those closest to you.If you struggle to touch your toes, and there’s a persistent itch on your back that you can’t ever quite reach, you need our product!

It gives you the freedom to do many of the tasks that you gave up on years ago without breaking a sweat. 
Such a small price to pay for regaining what you thought you’d lost forever.

Swyper is a plug-and-play bluetooth accessory that provides users with a simple and intuitive solution for hands-free control of their smart device.

Ideal for exercisers, Swyper is worn on the finger, both sweat and water-resistant and best of all, it never needs a re-charge! Compatible with all smart device and computer platforms, Swyper outperforms its’ competitors with its ease-of-use and price by eliminating the need for gesture control technology.

Swyper an ideal accessory for exercisers, presenters and readers as it includes functions that enables the user to advance music tracks, change volume, answer phone calls, scroll pages and advance slide presentations.

JobBox makes job search work. The dynamic labour market impacts people at all working stages, when times of job loss or career change can be difficult. Working with you and lifting the productivity of your job search, 

JobBox is changing the way we connect with work. Organising, preparing and encouraging the user, reducing the time taken to move through the stages of change and secure the next career, JobBox is right in your smart phone or mobile device.

qiCoach provides a solution to support general practices around Australia to manage the ever increasing growth in demand for their services, while still running financially viable and sustainable businesses in the face of high government regulation.

Reforms to the health sector over the last two years have resulted in the traditional support structures for general practice becoming fragmented whilst the requirement for general practice to provide high quality services has continued to grow.