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Billboard takes donations for a worthy charity: Technology in action [VIDEO]


I love it when technology is used slightly left-of-field. This is a prime example of just that.

The billboard, for a Germany charity The Relief Organisation, explains how a small donation can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

So far, that’s nothing too special. However, what is special is that a viewer can swipe their card between the two screens and make a two Euro donation. But wait! There’s more.

The billboard then shows what that small donation has achieved – providing bread or freeing a child from slave labour.

It’s called ‘The Social Swipe‘ and plays on the fact that most people who are in a position to make a donation are carrying a credit card with them. So, when they see the billboard and feel that they can donate, they do it there and then on the spot. It decreases the chance of them forgetting to do their good deed when they get home and, having to remember the URL!

It’s some nifty tech that took a bit of putting together but, it’s helping a very good cause.

The Social Swipe


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