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Dreading the arrival of the office energy bill? You’re not alone


Energy makes the world go round, right? Oh, sorry… that’s money.

But energy is very important too, right?

Well, if you agree with me on that, then you will also agree that the results of a recent Colmar Brunton survey commissioned by AGL Energy Limited (AGL) should be cause for some genuine concern.

Apparently, despite the fact that energy costs have a significant impact on 54 per cent of Australian SMEs, half of Australian SMEs (non sole traders) indicated a lack of concern among employees when it comes to energy use at work. “Hey! I thought I told you to switch off that light?”

Also, around 1 in 6 Australian SMEs don’t feel they have control over the cost of their energy bills and 36 per cent of Australian SMEs find their energy bills simply confusing. “Huh? This can’t be my bill! There must be some kinda mistake!”

It doesn’t stop there though. 36 per cent of Australian SMEs feel they do not use energy as efficiently as they could and yet over 1 in 5 Australian SME businesses feel that trying to use less energy requires too much effort. The carnage continues…

Almost 30 per cent of SMEs are unsure of how to reduce the amount of energy they use.

After these findings, AGL has swooped in to save the day for its SME customers by launching an online energy reporting tool.

My AGL IQ is designed to help small businesses to track energy use, provide energy saving tips and build an energy saving action plan. It is basically designed to help reduce their gas and electricity usage and save on their energy bills.

The sceptics out there are probably wondering, “Does this thing actually work?” Well, it gets the thumbs up from prominent environmentalist and small business owner, Jon Dee of DoSomething!

“I used AGL IQ to help take control of office energy usage. Being able to see the office usage was invaluable to reduce how much energy was used and, save the company money. The tips provided also showed me other ways to save money on the office energy bills,” said Dee.

Well you heard the man, what company doesn’t want to save on overheads? Bring down those energy costs, make the environment happy and spend the savings on an office foosball table, they don’t use electricity. It’s a win-win!

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