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ACADEMY EXCLUSIVE: New skill share program to help with ‘micro’ business headaches


Do you need to get something done and you’re having trouble getting started? What’s the obstacle? Are you facing a skills gap? Perhaps it’s a big task, maybe it’s a little task?

Since the advent of the Academy, we’ve been bombarded with suggested course ideas.

Many have come into fruition. However, many are very specific to a set of circumstances. They simply don’t warrant a full one hour course on their own.

This is why we created the SKILL SHARE PROGRAM, as a forum to share business headaches, skill gaps and micro obstacles. Whatever the problem, we’ll do our best to find a solution, record it to create a micro lesson and share the spoils of our toils.

You must be an Anthill Academy member (and logged in) to participate. (Click here.)

Do you lack a micro skill? Want a micro tutorial?

What do you need to do next?

Step #1: Make sure that you are logged in.
Step #2: Request membership. (It’s the button below the group description.)
Step #3: Click Forum and describe your obstacle or headache. (Phrase as, “How to…”)
Step #4: See if you can help any others. Speak up we’ll track you down.
Step #5: Keep an eye on our Anthill Academy update email to learn new micro skills.

Click here to enter the forum.

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